Get Busy Livin’

Get Busy Livin’ is an award given out by the ‘Get Busy Livin’ Foundatin. GBL was established in 2011 by the family of Dylan Meier after Meier, a football player at K-State, passed away in a hiking accident. Meier lived his life to the fullest and placed a positive impact on others.

The award is given to honor Meier and recognize other players who have immolated the same lifestyle that Meier lived from not only being a great player on the field, but also just a great person.

Senior Austin Chambers was recently awarded with the Get Busy Livin’ award.

Q: How did you get selected for the award?
A: Football helped, but their family also selects a group of the top football players and looks at their character on and off the field.

Q: When did you get the award?
A: It was actually during Spring Break. I was playing tennis in Colorado and I got the phone call from them. I didn’t even know what was going on.

Q: How’d you and your parents react?
A: They’re very proud. I’m very excited. I really like this award because it’s not just about being a good athlete, but also about being a good person with good character. I think it’s a little more special than other awards that I’ve received.

Q: Would you tell others anything since receiving this award?
A: Yeah, definitely. This award is a little reminder of just why you gotta do things the right way. Just waving to kids in the hall, it goes further than you notice because I was never looking for this award, it just kind of came around and really fit.