App Review: 2048

App Review: 2048

2048 is a game with a very simple goal, slide tiles to add up to 2048. One can only slide tiles of the same number to slide together.

For example, if I slide two “2” tiles together, they will turn into one “4” tile. Each time tiles are added together, another “2” tile shows up.

2048 is free on the Android and Apple markets. There is an online version if one simply searches “2048”.

I became addicted to this game as soon as I snagged it from the App Store. I play it during classes, during passing periods, and really any free time I have. This aggravating game has people of all ages addicted. I successfully beat the game after a week of intense struggle to reach that final gold 2048 tile.

A helpful trick: only slide down when absolutely necessary. Only sliding up, left and right will help to keep your highest number tiles up at the top and organized.