Golden Girl Auditions

Yes, it’s that time again…..Golden Girl tryouts! The clinics are April 21st-23rd from 6:15-7:15 A.M. The final audition will be Friday, April 25th! This year, the Golden Girls performed at football games, basketball games, pep assemblies, competitions, and Spring Show.

The seniors just finished their last Spring Show, while the rest of the dancers are preparing for tryouts and another season of being a Golden Girl. These girls are looking forward to another year of dancing their hearts out.

“I’m definitely looking forward to learning new dances and competing with the team. Since this year is almost over we aren’t really doing anything to prepare but after tryouts we will have dance camp where we learn our dances and get us ready for next year,” said Freshman Emily Tracy.

These girls usually practice Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:40. Varsity also has first block as a dance team class all year and JV has it as a semester.

At tryouts, the dancers will learn a short hip hop, jazz, and pom dance and then they will learn an across the floor combination and a short flag routine. A few dancers will also try out to be captains of the team.

“The leadership our captains brought to the team was really important and we as juniors will need to step up to the plate,” said Junior Gabby Reed.

This year was Coach McClain’s first year as the Golden Girl’s head coach and there was also a new assistant coach. The girl’s enjoyed having a new coach to learn new things from and experience new opportunities.

“Although we are going to miss all of our seniors next year, I’m really looking forward to our new team and all the positive changes our coaches are going to be making to continue to make us the best we can be. The new coaches this year made things so much easier for both the team  and captains,” said Sophomore Olivia Sanches.