Behind the Scenes: Spring Show

Golden girls thoughts and opinions on spring show.

The Golden Girls and their coaches are feeling the pressure as Spring Show quickly approaches. New dances will be featured along with a variety of fun songs.
Many small additions, such as hair pieces and belts have recently been added to the already spectacular costumes.

The golden girls had this to say about the upcoming show:

“With our new coaches who’ve made so many great changes and everyone putting in so much hard work it might just be the best one yet!” -Varsity Sophomore, Olivia Sanches.

“I’m super stressed but excited and it will be worth it,” JV Freshman, Molly Urschel said.

“We’ve worked really hard to get where we are and although we are all stressed, I am excited for everyone to see our show,” JV Captain, Emily Tracy said.

Spring Show is a huge deal for the dance team and everyone else who will be performing. The other people who will be performing are the dads of the varsity dancers, the kindergarten through 8th grade girls from the spring show kid clinic, the boys participating in the partner dance with varsity, and the varsity cheerleaders.

Come out and support all of the talented people who will be performing tomorrow at the Shawnee Mission West Spring Show.