A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

The dance team’s annual Spring Show is on April 4.


The Golden Girls’ dance team annual Spring Show is this Friday. As a member of the varsity team, I can speak for the whole team here: you do not want to miss this year’s show.

The theme is Gatsby, chosen because of the wonderful soundtrack that accompanied the recent movie. Our team is hard at work preparing for the show. We have recently learned three new dances: opener (a mix of “Bang Bang”, “100$ Bill”, and “No Church In the Wild”), closer (“A Little Party Never Killed Nobody”), and kid clinic (“Crazy In Love”). The kid clinic is this Saturday and over 50 kids are signed up. The kids are grades K-8 and will play games and learn a dance to perform at the show. The seniors, juniors, and sophomores on varsity also recently choreographed class dances for the show.

The show will have guest performances as well. The class of 14 boys are back with their Lip Sync dance including the songs “London Bridge” by Fergie and “Single Ladies” by Beyonce. Drumline will play for the dance team’s drumline dance. Kid clinic dancers will perform their dance they will learn this Saturday. The varsity dance team will dance with their dads and then a dance with a boy. The new 2014-2015 varsity cheer team will also perform a routine.

“To prepare for Spring Show we have an intense week of rehearsals leading up to the show. It is a very stressful, big, fun week. It’s one last week we get to spend as a team” said Elizabeth Moylan, captain. Kara Humphreys and Moylan have choreographed a secret captain duet that the team will not see until the night of the show.

The emcees are Brianna Cole (Gatsbri), Jonathan Wilson, and Lucas Leighton.

The show is on April 4 at 7PM in the auditorium.  Admission is $5 for students and $8 for adults.