Writers Block in Sixth Block.


Writers block is something that affects poets, authors, and unfortunately me.

I didn’t know what convergant media was at first when video production teacher Kelly Gill asked me to join. All I knew was that I liked video production and that she was pretty cool.

Soon after the class started I learned that we got to post all kind of diffrent stories about events and students here at west. Sounds pretty fun right?
The first semester was a bit challenging, but I’m always up for a little bit of a challenge. As second semester crept up on us, we were required to post more stories.

Being use to a more relaxed class, the change came as some what of a shock.
Mindlessly searching for an idea that will be interesting and worth posting seemed impossible. Watching the number of stories I had left slowly dwendle down was nice, until I was cursed with writers block. Staring at a blank piece of paper hoping an idea would pop into my head.

Besides the writers block, Convergent Media had been an awesome class filled with memories and new friends. Also I have learned many things about journalism, photography, and video production. But the most important thing of all is who loves Gill and Morgan?