What is happening?

This month has gotten off to a rough start due to the crazy daylights saving time alterations that we have not quite yet got accustomed to. Not only does this cause the sun to rise later, but to also set even later. This has made our week feel much longer than it has been.

Here is a list of totally unrelated interesting things that happened in the world, to keep our mind on positive things such as SPRING BREAK, nicer weather, pop culture woes, and how crazy people and businesses can be.

1. A class-action lawsuit has been filed against the Kansas City Power & Light District on the claims of racial discrimination towards African-Americans. This has come as a shocker to many, including myself. You must read this to fully understand this terrible situation.

2. Woman calls police due to the assumed “safety precautions” in her house. The police soon realize that the smoke detectors installed in her apartment aren’t really smoke detectors, but they’re hidden cameras. It gets even crazier. 

3. Try not to fall out of your chairs, because the HBO series Girls, has been renewed for a fourth season which is set to premiere in 2015. We know it’s a while but at least we have something to look forward to.

4. Kesha has done the unthinkable (finally dropping the dollar sign from her name), and of course completing rehab.

*Insert corny lyric from one of her songs*

5. We were given a pointless, vague, and yet suspensful 15 second teaser for Mad Men, which will premiere it’s final season in the middle of April.

Check out this nonsense below:

5. Madonna is working on some new music with new artist Avicii. This should be interesting.

We shall see where this road takes us next time.