NHS Elections

Today in seminar a few juniors in National Honors Society gave their speeches in front of all NHS members, as well as the current officers, to determine who will make up the National Honors Society office next year.

National Honors Society is based on four pillars. These four pillars are scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Scholarship is characterized by your commitment to learning. Service is shown through your willingness to help out not only your school, but our entire community. Leaders take initiative in the activities they are involved in, they put the needs of others in front of their own, and they have the wisdom and self-confidence to affect change in their life and the lives of others. Lastly, character is what defines a person and what sets them apart from others.

When I asked the two co-sponsors of National Honors Society, Amy Blakemore and Nicole Hesseltine, what they were looking for in next year’s officers, here’s what they had to say:

“We are looking for members that are excited about NHS activities. Someone who is very responsible and has a great enthusiasm in service and in the community,” Blakemore said.

The positions you can run for are president, two vice presidents, two secretaries, and two community service officers.

The candidates for NHS officers of the 2014-15 school year are:


  • Tori Thomas

Vice Presidents:

  • Larissa Boyce & S’Naybree Mozee
  • Elaine Williams & Kathryn Brown


  • Lucie Rogers & Katherine Riedel

Community Service Officers:

  • Erin Murphy & Jeff Potts
  • Anna Eschrich & Lauren Crow
  • Samantha Nelson & Ashley Ford