From Tweeting to Yaking

Twitter soon became a major form of entertainment to most teens – the up rise of anonymous Twitter accounts soon followed. Some of them were cruel, yet others complimented the students of West. Regardless, the two definitely did not balance each other out.

I personally don’t see the point in anonymous accounts. I think regardless of the content, if someone has something to say about or to someone, it should be said in person. That being said, a new app has taken the world of anonymity by storm called Yik Yak, which truly disappoints me. Yik Yak uses your current location and shows you anonymous posts near you.

Many people that have downloaded this app use it as a gossip feeding ground. When I have looked at the Yik Yak feed, all I have seen it consist of is high school students from around the district saying things about their schools and fellow classmates.

It upsets me how much our generation of high school students are entertained by putting people down anonymously through a various number of applications. Although we are young adults, many of us are still impressionable and shouldn’t be able to download hatred, gossip, and drama by simply taping a button.

So fellow classmates, I say we rise above the stereotype of being drama seeking high schoolers and lead West down a different path. I say we all delete the useless gossip caused from Yik Yak off of our phones. Let’s escape this world of anonymity and actually express our thoughts to each other in person! What do you say?