Swimsuit Scarcity

As spring break rapidly approaches and visions of warm vacations dance in our heads, women and men alike start worrying about what they are going to look like in that swimsuit that has been buried in the back of their closet for six months. After a long, cold winter like this one it is no surprise that all of us have put on a little weight for the sole purpose of trying to keep warm through this unbearable winter. That being said, the scramble of losing a few pounds in the next week is crucial to many.

I just so happen to be one of the many people seeking this. I have done absolutely anything and everything to lose this winter weight. Although I have had some success, it never seems like enough. I’ve done crazy diets and workout plans, but the more I explore the world of crazy fast fitness, I’m starting to think its a myth.

After researching weight loss and dieting, I came to the realization that trying to lose a large quantity of weight in only a few short weeks. Crazy workouts and diets are not very good for your body. That’s why they are crazy!

I’ve found that having a well rounded, healthy diet and doing workouts that target the area you want to lose weight in everyday will make you lose a healthy amount of weight. Even though you won’t reach your target weight as fast, you will still lose enough weight to look great for spring break.

So if you take nothing else from this, ask yourself this question:

Would you rather be unhealthy and reach your weight goal by Spring Break, or lose a consistent amount of weight each week and reach your goal weight, and then some by Summer?