Planning a Future? Now?

Planning the rest of my life when it has just began?

High school students range from 14 to 16 years old in age. These four short years filled with drama and tests are when we are expected to make possibly the decisions of our lives, deciding what we want to do as a profession.

After this decision is made, you have to pick what school will best prepare you for the field you have chosen. On top of dealing with all of that, we also have the stress of highschool on our shoulders and making sure you’re set up to reach your goal.

Many students are still clueless about what they will be doing after highschool. In this situation some teens get overwhelmed and just settle with any well paying job because they feel like they are running out of time to make a choice. Everyone wants a well paying job, but they also don’t want to be constantly miserable.

The pressure put on teens to be sure about their life plans before senior year is even half of the way over seems a bit excessive. Before junior year starts many high schoolers are already struggling to make a decision. Instead of dealing with pimples before a date or friend issues like movies show, teens are dealing with much larger and life impacting struggles.

And adults wonder why we’re so moody..