New Nurse

Nurse Mortimer shares some information about her life.

You may have seen our school’s new nurse, Marilyn Mortimer, while visiting her office or simply walking by.  You may have needed some Tylenol or a cough drop here and there, which she kindly provides you with. She knows most of your medical history, siblings, and parent information but what do you know about her?

Mortimer grew up in St. Louis having two sons with Cystic Fibrosis. She was a full time mother and a medical assistant a couple times a month. Her medical assistance training helped her care for her sons till she attended nursing school at the age of 42. 

After the constant medical care she was inspired to attend medical school. Mortimer went to St. Louis community college for her RN then  University of Missouri for her BSN. 

Prior to coming to West, she was employed at Hazelwood high school in St. Louis. She nursed there for about 7 years. Compared to West the intake was about the same but the school different.

Mortimer likes how respectful, responsible, and wonderful the staff here is at West.

“Everyday is a new challenge and learning opportunity,” Mortimer said.

Mortimer moved to Kansas after wanting to be closer to her kids and grand kids. Last year she shadowed  nurse Wanda a couple times.

She has several hobbies that include reading, playing with her grand kids, and swimming 66 laps a day. She is really enjoying her time at West so far and hopes to work here for many years.