Will the name golden girls stay if boys are added to the team?

As we all know, the dance team here at West is referred to as the “Golden Girls”. For as long as West students can remember, they have heard the term “Golden Girls” when the topic of dance team is brought up. What happens if a boy becomes a member of dance team? Does the name change?

Freshman Ray Alaniz has plans to audition for the dance team season which will begin in the 2014-2015 school year. If he makes the team conversation will have to take place about a possible name change for the team.

“The name does not intimidate me at all, I am still willing to try out. I am hoping to make the team next year and show that not only girls can be on dance team. If you put your head to it you can make anything possible, and that is just what I will do,” Alaniz said.

Having boys on the team will be a new experience for the community. Having boys on the dance team will add diversity and give the team some attitude.