Club 121

Every week, there is a special event in the morning at the little theater called Club 121. It is worship at SM West, led by brothers Joel and Jordan Mills. I talked to Joel Mills about it and asked him some questions to learn more about the event.

Q. What do you normally do at Club 121?

A. Every week varies a little bit but usually we start out with a word of prayer than we do 2 to 3 worship songs. Most of the time we have a teacher speak to us or we have a student talk. If we don’t have a speaker we will just do worship the whole time

Q. How did you get involved in Club 121 to be playing music there?

A. I started coming to club 121 this year after marching season ended. This was the first year that I could drive myself and after marching season ended, my mornings opened up. I went two or three times before I started playing worship. One morning at the end of the session, Lauren (the club leader) asked if anyone would be willing to do something for the next week. I offered to lead worship with my brother. After we had led worship for that next morning, Mrs Berghaus (the club sponsor) asked if we would lead worship regularly, and we accepted!

Q. What would you say to people to convince them to go to Club 121?

A.  I would tell people that having an opportunity to actually worship and learn about God at school really helps us to keep our focus on him during school. It’s really easy to be distracted and even to become a different person than we want to be when we are at school. Going to Club 121 helps refresh us and helps us connect to God’s love. For anyone who isn’t already a christian, I would tell them that Jesus loves us and died for us. He is the only thing that can fill that hole in our lives. At Club 121, we can learn about His amazing sacrifice and his crazy love for us! Everyone deserves a chance to hear about what Jesus did! Club 121 is just a great place to focus on and learn about God.

Q. When and where do you have Club 121?

A. We have club 121 every Tuesday morning at 7 am in the little theater.