West Reads

For the first time, the West Area AP/Honors English Vertical Team is putting together a community reading event. Students, parents and staff from both Westridge and West are invited to join the event known as “West Reads.”

Participants have until Monday, March 3rd to read to selected novel Hate List by Jennifer Brown. The novel is a moving, easy read about the realities of people affected by a compiled “hate list” of people and things the two main characters despise.

Many teachers are offering extra credit for students who participate in West Reads and the event is a great way to discuss with others the important issues brought up in the novel.

On March 3rd participants will gather in the West Library at 7 pm, break into small groups and discuss the book.

Register at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1vAVhJlKTUPpU_veurC8svEbNxRkf09SyHYe05lshLYY/viewform by tomorrow February 19 and don’t forget to pick up Hate List for a good read!