Sochi Winter Olympics Update

As of this moment on Feb. 17, the United States is tied for the lead in medals in the 2014 Sochi Olympics, with 18. They are tied with Russia, and have been making a late comeback.

Freestyle skiing and snowboarding led the way in medals for the U.S., accumulating half of their medals (5, 4 respectively). They have received three gold medals in snowboarding, as well. Sage Kotsenburg won the gold for the Americans at the Slopestyle event early on in Sochi, while Jamie Anderson did the same thing for the women’s slopestyle later.

In the slope style departments for skiing, American Joss Christenson, won a gold medal for freestyle skiing. Skiing has been a great event for the Americans this year, as eight of their 18 medals have come from there. Kaitlyn Farrington won the third gold in snowboarding for the women’s half-pipe.

As of last night, the U.S. have won their fifth gold medal at Sochi, this one in figure skating. The fantastic duo of Charlie White and Meryl Davis have won gold over the Canadians Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue, in the ice dancing competition today. With both men and women’s hockey doing great right now, the United States should have 20 medals as of now. (Women are in the gold medal game, while men are top seed in quarterfinal play).

The last time the United States had the most medals in the Winter Olympic games was 82 years ago, in 1932. So this could be a very historic event for this country.