Second Semester Procrastination

Students’ thoughts on procrastination

The school year is more than half way over and students are starting to slack on their school work. If you’re anything like me, the year feels like it’s dragging on and the work is getting exhausting.

After having a six day weekend, I thought I would be ready to come back as refreshed as ever. Sadly I was wrong. Getting out of bed was hard enough but dragging myself to endure a full day of classes felt like torture.

At the beginning of the year I told myself that I was going to do all of my homework quickly and as soon as I receive it, to avoid procrastination. As the year is beginning to wrap up, I keep finding myself rushing to finish my homework the day it is due.

After talking to a few of the students here at West this is what they had to say about procrastination:

“I sleep after school and I don’t do homework. I think I can do it in second block but I never do.” Vonnie Mitchell.

“I’ve been procrastinating by cramming for tests the night before.” Tina Harte

“I go home and tell myself I’m going to do my homework, but i spend so much time telling myself I will, that I don’t actually do it.” Chloe Shade

Getting bored with school in the middle of the year usually results in sending most students into a semester of procrastination. With a little bit of motivation and free time that procrastination can be turned around.