Presidential Scholar Award

West student Hannah Wilhelm is hoping to achieve a Presidential Scholar Award

In 1964 president Lyndon B. Johnson, recognized and honor some of our Nations most relevant graduating highschool seniors, by establishing the Presidential Scholars Award. The Award picks 6,000 seniors across the nation (as well as district of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Americans living abroad) they pick 121 students out of the 6,000 seniors through rigorous interviews, essays, and test scores. The US Presidential Scholars Program is not a scholarship program; it is one of the nations highest honors for a highschool student. 

The organization will have its 50th year anniversary in 2014, graduating senior Hannah Wilhelm is one of the 6,000 chosen.

Hannah has kept and high GPA and got a wonderful score on the ACT making her qualify for this award. She hopes this award will help her with scholarships and payment for college. She is hoping to goto Texas A&M , which happens to be extremely expensive. Having one one of the prestigious honors for a highschool student on her diploma will help her achieve her dreams as a Nuclear Engineer.

If she were to get in she would be able to travel to DC  and be honored at the White House this June.

Hannah is the only Scholar at Shawnee Mission West. Most student for this award in our district  come from East while one student from North  and South. Hopefully next year we will able to have more student qualify!