Hoping for a Snow Day?

Let’s face it, when there’s even the slightest chance of snow in the forecast, we all hope for a snow day. Everyone has something special they do the night of a snowstorm in hopes of the day off school.

Here are some rituals of West students:

“I put a spoon under my pillow. Works every time,” Senior Megan Vanderpool.

“I sit in front of my TV and wait until I see SMSD across the bottom and pray to the snow gods,” Junior Meredith Clark

“I sleep with pjs inside out and a spoon by my bed,” Junior Mitch Arndt.

The students of SMSD and many surrounding districts enjoyed three magnificent and relaxing snow days. There was between six and twelve inches of snowfall last week in the Kansas City area. The low temperatures with wind chill were below zero throughout most of the week.