Friday Night White-Out

Snow Week 2014 could not stop the fun and spirit that comes along with Friday night basketball games.

Although the snow kept students out of classrooms, mother nature could not postpone basketball. This past Friday the Vikings took on the Olathe NorthWest Ravens. Because of the weather, it was only necessary to make the theme a white-out.

Senior Juanyae Stallings frequently goes to the varsity basketball games and has his own favorite theme in mind.

“I like the gold rush theme because it is the trilliest attire to make our school look fresh and swagged out,” Stallings said.

Junior Tarik Watson makes it clear before the games that he is excited. While some teams come together and engage in a minor pep talk, Watson pumps up his teammates with a more entertaining way.

“I try to hype up the team by doing crazy and fun dances,” Watson said.

With Watson in the middle, his teammates crouch and sway while he dances before the entire crowd. If that doesn’t get the fans and players excited, I don’t know what will.

Whether it is football or basketball season, the Shawnee Mission West student section is crowded and ready to get rowdy. No matter what the score, students come to games with support and an outstanding attitude. This attitude is appreciated by the athletes.

“No matter if we were winning or losing, they’re [the student section] always giving it their all cheering us on each and every possession,” Watson said.

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