STEM Donation

$100,000 donation to support STEM

The Shawnee Mission School District received a generous donation from one of their own. Doctor Craig Denny and his wife Terry, donated $100,000 to support Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

Brenda Bott, teacher of the Biotechnology Signature Program, was really excited to hear about the donation to STEM.

“The money donated will go into a Shawnee Mission Education Endowment Fund and will be available to all teachers in the district that teach one of the classes.” Bott said.

This will help the STEM program a lot. It will let the teachers get more equipment and anything else that they would need in the classroom.

“All students will benefit the donation.” said Bott.

Bott was greatful for the donation from the Denny family.

The whole district will benefit from this  donation and will make a huge difference in the classroom.