SMSD Passes New Technology Initiative

$20 million for new Apple equipment

Superintendent Jim Henson gave suggestions to the school district to make various technology improvements earlier this month. At the Monday night board meeting, it was decided to proceed with learning improvements.

This means SMSD will pay $20 Million on Apple technology including iPads, laptops, and Apple TVs. The hope is to administer each student a laptop, or iPad to support a new learning perspective which highly depends on technology.

Teachers will receive training for the new equipment in early March. It is expected that students will receive the equipment in August, next school year.

We are joining North Kansas City, Fort Osage, and Kansas City Public Schools, who are currently using this new technology stance.

Students around West have had many opinions on the new improvement, including good and bad reactions. Not everyone is ready to jump on board due to skepticism. On the other hand, many students are open to change and education improvement.