Just Laugh it Off

Everyone has had an embarrassing moment at school whether it’s falling up the stairs or calling your teacher mom. I asked a few students what their most embarrassing moment has been at school, so far.

Braden Stanhope, freshman, said “Probably falling on my butt when I slipped on an ice cube trying to kick it in the halls.”

Alyx Kemp, sophomore, said “I ripped my pants changing after gym and I had to wear my basketball travel gear all day.”

Anna Eschrich, junior, said “I wore my pants inside out for the entire day and nobody told me.”

Kyle Templeton, senior, says “Freshman year I was at the Friday night football game against North at the North football stadium and I had just gotten done using the restroom which was EXTREMELY difficult to find, as I get back in the stands, I realize I’m about to puke and rush back to the bathroom… I didn’t make it in time and threw up everywhere. And to top it all off, when I went to the bathroom in the first place, I realized I went in the women’s bathroom.”


Everyone has had a moment similar to this,    there’s nothing to be ashamed of. You just have to laugh it off.