How important is a friend’s opinion?

So, the question is, how important is a friends opinion when it comes to our own relationships?

We know these people are only there for our best interest, so why do we sometimes push them away and cancel out their judgment? Perhaps it is because we do not want to believe the truth. We may know there are problems, but we choose to ignore our friend’s advice, saying things like “you don’t know him like I do” or “when it’s just her and I, things are great.”

These may all be true, but do you really want to continue on with someone even though your best friends say otherwise? This same friend who you trust with every single life-altering decision. I mean, they told you their deepest secret for crying out loud. A friend may see that your partner has a wandering eye, or speaks down to you, or even is cheating on you flat out. Wouldn’t you want to know these things?

As the friend, we need to be respectful of a relationship that we are not in. Do not attack or jump in too aggressively. This will just leave an ugly situation where they feel threatened and ganged-up on. Sit them down and instead of an intervention, have an interfriendtion.

An interfriendtion may be a good idea, although, especially if the advice-giver is single, those in the bad relationships will think they are jealous. This is when the big guns come out and we say things we truly do not mean. We know things we say aren’t necessarily true, but it somehow makes us feel less vulnerable to advice we just don’t want to hear.

I believe that an outside opinion means so much, especially if it is coming from a good friend or even more so, a best friend. I would definitely listen to everything they have to say and really evaluate my relationship

Listen to those who love and care about you, because they really are only out for your best interest.