Faces in the Hall: Eric Qiang


Joe Compton, Reporter

I’ll tell you a story about the greatest teacher ever, Mr. Guidry. Mr Guidry was my 8th grade science teacher at Westridge. He taught regular and advanced. I had him for fourth hour, which was lunch hour. Since we were a science class, we had first lunch. Back at Westridge, once you were done eating, you had to wait for your teacher to come pick you up. However, me and a few of my classmates did not like waiting, since it usually was another ten ish minutes for him to come. So he let us go back to class early. He also let us play ultimate frisbee whenever we got done with a lab early. He ate Panda express about once a week, and had a bookshelf with a pet fish, some fossils and minerals on it. He also had a collection of really good stories, including how his funeral was going to go. He played hearthstone on his Ipad while we were at lunch, and plays Xbox. His favorite thing to do is play board games, and we sometimes played a few of them in class when we got done. Basically, he was a cool teacher.