Adding Days

The end of the school year is always an exciting time for students. Many us are busy planning summer trips or end of the year parties, for seniors it can be a both stressful and joyous time of year. Something that senior have not had to worry about for a long time though is added days at the end of the year. These are days added for large amounts of cancelled school days, such as snows days. Seniors normally aren’t affected by this because they are let out of school the week before their graduation. While they are still given this luxury this year, new schedule changes are causing some to question the fairness of how this adding system works.

A change to the finals schedule at the end of this year will get rid of the half days at the end of each semester and replace these days with full days. All finals will be taken on the last three full days of school. While this in and of itself is a debate topic, the many issue about this change is how it will cause high schoolers to spend more time in school throughout the year than elementary school and middle school students.

Due to a technicality with the high school changing their schedule and the elementary and middle schools keeping their schedule, West is eliminating half days and days off that were made to balance the schedules between schools. These days we are losing were the made to balance out finals and other testing schedules toward the end of the year. In a nutshell we are losing time off from school in this new schedule, even if it is relatively small.

As of now this information is subject to change and this year will be a testing year for the new schedule. From a student perspective the schedule change seems to be unnecessary but not to the point where it will hurt students during finals. Not matter what happens I’m sure students won’t be happy about losing time off.