Big Baller Coach

Brady Hart , Writer

Big Baller Brand sons, Lamelo and Liangelo Ball, recently moved to Lithuania to play professional basketball overseas. They have done very well so far and the big question is did we predict a coaching change for Vytautas, the team they’re on? None other than their father, Lavar Ball took over the head coaching job for a game of this Lithuanian professional team.

If you know anything about Lavar you might say he’s a very vocally honest man that isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He has been one of the assistant coaches for Vytautas but he was given an opportunity to head coach for a game. Lavar does indeed have a little bit of a coaching background as he coaches an AAU team called Big Ballers which his youngest son, Lamelo played on. He certainly wants the best for his kids and wants them to be the greatest.

His coaching debut resulted in a 31 point win for the Lithuanian team. Liangelo and Lamelo both combined for 71 or the 151 points the team scored. If these two keep playing the way they do, their careers could be very successful whether they stay overseas or try and make a move towards the NBA.