It’s A Beautiful Day Review

Sophie Terian, copy editor

Located snuggly between 39th and Broadway, the store It’s A Beautiful Day has got to be one of my favorite shops in the KC area.

When you first walk in, you’re hit with the smell of incense and the sight of bright colors. Nearly every inch of wall is covered in ether posters, bumper stickers or shelves, and the floor space is used to max potential.

It’s both a hippie and hipster oasis: a stimulus for free-thought, a celebration of those who have thought freely. Buy a t-shirt of your favorite band, buy a t-shirt of a local band or buy a t-shirt supporting a political movement. Peruse the wall of sassy political buttons, the shelves of pretty beaded jewelry or funky sunglasses. There’s a whole backroom full of vinyls and posters and CDs. You can find weird little monster figurines and old piano sheet music.

I love the store. The employees are super friendly and cool, and you’ll usually encounter some pretty interesting humans while visiting.

There’s only one negative: I can almost guarantee you’ll find something you won’t be able to leave without. Though I consider myself to be a saver, It’s A Beautiful Day sends me into an identity crisis; I spend an average of $30 every time I go and have to talk myself out of buying too many extraneous items. It’s just that everything seems special, artistic, wholesome and unique. I can always count on finding a gift for something, and can always find something quirky for myself.

Whether you need a gift, a cool new shirt or just want to peruse all the interesting stuff, taking a trip to It’s A Beautiful Day won’t let you down. Take a friend, take some cash and leave with a smile, because the store will make you believe that it’s a beautiful day.


The entertaining list of everything I’ve purchased at It’s A Beautiful Day:

Bumper sticker: “Commit random acts of kindness and senseless beauty”

Bumper sticker: “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds. ~ Bob Marley”

Bumper sticker that came free with other bumper sticker purchases: “It’s A Beautiful Day”

A colorful headband 

Twine bracelet with lots of small glass beads attached 

Bracelet composed entirely of large glass beads

It’s A Beautiful Day t-shirt (picturing the store front)

$1 cassette tape— The Heart Throbs (the only purchase I regret)

Small waving cat figurine

Beatles shirt featuring the cover of Yellow Submarine

Earth toned scrunchie

Tiny Buddha figurine

A little bag of Worry Dolls

Sterling Witt album — local KC artist my mom one sang with (finding a CD your mom’s name on it necessitates buying it)

Book of piano sheet music of Nat King Cole pieces