Mr. Viking Pageant


Conrad Pulliam

Senior Kirby Grigsby is introduced with his escort Jaleah Cullors

Brady Hart, Writer

Mr. Viking is a pageant put together for the senior class boys to showcase their talents, best pick-up lines, and answers to questions they’ve never seen before. It starts with introducing the 13 contestants, giving facts about themselves and interests they have outside of school. After you get to know the guys they have the talent portion of the competition. During this time they can do anything from making pancakes to singing and dancing, even showing off your acrobatic abilities.

After wowing the judges with their various talents they move into the pick up lines, but not before featured performances by dance team, drumline and drill team throughout the evening. Each contestant is allowed to say their best and only one great pick up line. It may be cheesy or clever, maybe even both.

With a short intermission the judges tally

up their scores thus far and name off the top 8 contestants of the night. Following that, there is a quick Q&A with each competitor. The will be given a question they’ve never seen before and one minute before giving their answer.

To conclude the night the judges make their final votes and announce top 3. This year’s top 3 participants were 3rd place Jack Durst, 2nd place Spenser Johnson, and 1st place given the rightful name of Mr. Viking was Lane Siegle.