Global Powers Fall

Italy and USA left watching the World Cup

Seth Phillips, Writer

Italy and USA fail to qualify for Moscow 2018

Italy and the USA did not make the World Cup this year. The last time the USA missed the world cup was in 1986, more than three decades ago. The last time Italy missed the World Cup was almost six decades ago in 1958. Almost one century full of never missing the World Cup between these two teams, and in the same year they both missed the 2018 World Cup.

Italy has had a very successful history with four titles with a recent cup win in 2006. Along with losing a World Cup appearance, Italy has lost its goalie and legend Gianluigi Buffon. He has played with the national for 20 years starting in 1977. Buffon was not the only person apart of the team to retire after the game, coach Gian Piera Ventura retired to. In the 0-1 season-ending game against Sweden, star player Lorenzo Insigne did not play. During the game veteran Daniele De Rossi was asked to warm up, but refused and told the coach his fellow teammate should warm up. After this loss, of both Italy star goalie and the game Italian football will be opening a new chapter in history.

The USA has never won a World Cup, but recently won the CONCACAF Gold Cup recently this year. Star Christian Pulisic had been involved in zero goals during the Gold Cup but showed up during World Cup Qualifying, being involved in 13 goals. Like the Italian National Team, USA head coach Bruce Arena resigned after the 1-2 loss against Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad and Tobago has only attended one world cup once in 2006. This was a very devastating team loss.

In this new chapter for the USA they are going to clean house. Many people will be fired and a partially new coaching staff will be put in place. The new coaching staff will try preaching possession and working through the midfield, instead of punting the ball to the fast forwards. This will be taught through kids that are in the 14-17 year range that will be the future of USA soccer. Competition in between academies will try to be increased to get them ready for bigger stages. This will all be done to better the USA’s chances for the future.

Even though this is very devastating to the reputation of soccer in America, there is a bright future ahead. This is a very loud wake up call that everything must be done differently to ensure a better and brighter future for the team in the following World Cups. Fans of USA soccer can be somber as of now, but be hopeful for is what yet to come.