Two Sides to Every Debate

Thomas Guccione, Web Editor

Yet another mass shooting has occurred in America, this time at a small church in Sutherland, Texas. We are on course for what has become the standard mass shooting “cliché”, first the prays and mourning, then the pleas and begs for gun control, followed by nothing being done about it. Now that the gun control debate will be making the rounds for the next couple of days, I am asking of one simple requirement in order to debate.

Consider both perspectives before debating.

A poll was taken after the Las Vegas shooting. Politico found that 72% of the polled support a ban of assault style weapons, and I can understand why. For people who have never used a firearm, it doesn’t seem logical to own an AR-15, but before you form your opinion, get the perspective of people who owns guns.

I was the same way, I didn’t understand why you would need something that can shoot so many bullets that fast. Then I remembered shooting guns from when I was younger at a summer camp. One of my best friend has guns that he shoots on a regular basis. Even my grandpa goes hunting multiple times a year.

I am also asking people who own guns to understand why a lot of people who live in the suburbs and in the city don’t see the need for firearms. If each side can understand why each hold their opinion, we can come to a compromise and get legislation passed.

I’m also not going to excuse the legislators who have been influenced by the NRA. The fact that no gun control has passed with numbers like the polls show, there is no excuse for that, even with how powerful the NRA is.

With perspectives from both sides of the debate I was able to come to an informed opinion and it came somewhere in the middle. I understand why people don’t want assault weapons, and while I will never own a firearm, I understand why people do. I really believe people from both sides can meet somewhere in the middle if they both are open to each others opinions and understand each other.

It is apparent something needs to be done and unless both sides can meet in the middle, America will continue to go through the mass shooting “clichés” for the foreseeable future.