Recap of Lip Sync 2017

Tyler Rains, Writer

“Lip Sync” is an event put on by the Advanced Video Productions class in order to raise funds for their program. It is an annually recurring event, happening in the fall every year. This year, it was on Tuesday, Oct. 17.

In Lip Sync, students audition with either a group of people or by themselves to be in the event. The whole idea is that students lip sing a song or multiple songs, while trying to make it entertaining to watch.

It is also hosted by Advanced Video Production students. The Emcees for this year were junior KeMoni Alexander, and seniors Zoe Krowas, Jared Walker, and Damian Sanches.

This year, there were 17 acts that performed. That is significantly more acts than have performed in earlier years. However, Lip Sync still only took roughly 45 minutes, which is how long it has typically been.

The reason that it was just as fast as normal yet had more acts is because of a new segment that Advanced Video Productions came up with. Nine teachers were selected and accompanied by one or two students who performed alongside them in a competition to see which teacher-student group could do the best. These performances were all less than a minute or two, which is why there is an inflated amount of acts yet a similar time frame.

In the end, a winner was announced for three categories and trophies were handed out. Teacher Taylor Smith with juniors Harley Gunther and Kinsley Turner won the “grand prize” for best dance.

There was another switch-up this year. There was a surprise performance as the opening act. It ended up being the senior girl’s moms, who had planned a lip sync performance as a surprise. Somehow, they all managed to keep the secret and shocked all of the senior girls.

As for student performers, there was a solo performance from junior Jacob Galos who was returning for his second year in a row. Always putting on an entertaining show, he one-upped himself this time. For his finale, he jumped off of the stage into a splits, gaining a roaring applause from the crowd and some standing ovations.

There was also an act performed by some of the special need students with their cadet teachers on the stage with them.

There were other acts too, such as one titled “rap battle”, and one from some senior girls titled “kids at play”.

Every year, a large amount of either girls or guys from the same grade get together to do a grade lip sync performance. This year, the junior girls and senior girls performed. These acts are typically the ones that are the most looked forward to. However, there was one grade group that was surprisingly missing.

The senior boys almost always perform at the end of every Lip Sync, typically doing ridiculous things on stage to the amusement of the crowd. However, this year, there was a boys soccer game on the same day as Lip Sync, which didn’t allow a lot of the senior boys to participate, so they didn’t have one at all.

The junior boys also decided not to have a performance. They too have a lot of boys on the soccer team which would have conflicted for them as well.

Lip Sync is a consistently entertaining show year after year. If you would like to know more about it or are interested in participating next year, Ms. Gill is the teacher of the Advanced Video Productions class and sign ups are usually in early fall.