Apple’s Biggest Release Ever

Apple unveils it’s most innovative phone

Seth Phillips , Writer

Apple is releasing its first ever full screen iPhone soon. The iPhone X is releasing on November 3rd, with a record breaking base price of $999. The iPhone 8 was announced along by the iPhone X, the 8’s design looks almost identical to the 7. The 8 also has a very similar base price to the 7.

Students like Rachel Berkley and Walker Nickel claim to get every new iPhone generation.

Some students like this iPhone for its new features.

“I only want it for the OLED screen and all of its better features than the eight,” senior Spencer Taylor said.

“It looks so cool with that new face scanning thing that they added,” sophomore Erick Vargas said.

The new facial recognition feature on the iPhone X is an easier way to unlock the user’s phone, it will also be used for apple pay and the app store.

“Water resistance on the X is going to be awesome,” junior Joe Sharp said.

The rating for both the iPhone 8 and X is IP67. That means both phones have the highest dust resistance rating, and they can be submerged in one meter (3.3 ft) for 30 minutes. This is disappointing with all the iPhones since iPhone 6 having this rating.

“I don’t want the iPhone X because I don’t like how it’s all glass because it’s more prone to break…” junior Melisa Martin Del Campo said.

The new glass back will allow for wireless charging, a feature that has been in Samsung phones for years.

“It’s super expensive and the battery life is still the same,” Del Campo said.

The iPhone X will feature fast charging though, with the purchase of a different cable, you can charge up to 50% in 30 minutes.  

“…the only reason i’d get it is is because of the camera quality,” junior Cathy Manrique said.

With a large price tag the X has many new features to validate the price. Even though these features are new to Apple, Android phones have included many of these features in previous models. The iPhone X is a step forward for Apple but not for phone technology.