Accessing Multimedia Illegally, Okay or Not?

Dre'von Bradley, Writer

It’s 2017 and it’s easier now to access movies, music and TV shows than ever before. There are many legal platforms that can be used but there are illegal ones as well. There has been a growing discussion about whether using illegal sites to access multimedia is acceptable or not.

There is a moral dilemma about whether using these sites is okay or not. Some consider it immoral and that it’s stealing. Others think that it’s not harming anyone and that artists and production companies can still be able to function.

Another layer to this is the recent development of certain shows being livestreamed on YouTube and not being taken down. One specific show, Rick and Morty, has been the most recent case.

The livestreams of the show aren’t hard to find, as they pop up on the front page and are listed as recommended content. And the shows stay up since YouTube technically isn’t a mediator in copyright situations. As a company, YouTube doesn’t decide who owns the copyrighted material. It’s Adult Swim’s job.

With music, there have been instances of notable albums being pirated and even some artists using those sites. In rap culture specifically, it’s more acceptable to use pirate sites than with other genres.

I get the logic behind using them honestly. Some people just don’t want to spend the effort of purchasing a movie ticket, paying for cable or buying an album.

Record and production companies can still be hurt by the use of those sites though. Sales have declined since the turn of the millennium and with the evolution of technology, that may just continue.