SODA for the Community

Sophia Terian, Copy Editor

Sexual Orientation Diversity Alliance (SODA) is a club aiming to promote greater acceptance and sense of community for LGBT+ in West’s student body.

The club had their first meeting of the year on Tuesday.

“This is a support group. This is a place where people can come in and want a sense of community and have that,” senior Claire Nation said.

The goal provides what many members desire.

“I mainly just wanted to find some more gay people that are cool so I can find some more friends that are in the community,” freshman V Silva said.

“Well, a number of my friends are members and it’s a good place to discuss difficulties along sexuality topics,” senior Hunter Dodson said.

Dodson described a typical SODA meeting.

“We would normally open with discussion topics, discuss possible events, and discuss major events we want to participate in,” Dodson said.

The club wants to improve LGBT+ acceptance at West.

“We hear things in the hall all the time— kids just randomly using the word gay to mean negative things, and things like that in general… how many times slurs are just casually thrown around,” Nation said.

The club would also like to see a rise in attendance and encourages straight allies to come.