Column: Resting Players in the NBA

Jacob Kaiser, Writer

The newest hot topic in the NBA is about resting players once playoff time comes around, so that their star players can get rested up for the playoffs.

The conversation has gained a lot of attention because of the Cavaliers-Clippers game, which took place last week. In the game, the Cavaliers, who are the number one seed in the East, rested their big three, in LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Lebron James.

This game was also nationally televised, making it even more embarrassing for the NBA, as the Clippers won by 30.

This is actually not the first time that this has happened this year. In fact, just a few weeks prior, the Warriors rested their best players including Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, while on the other side the Spurs rested their star player, Kawhi Leonard.

This game was also nationally televised, and was also a major disappointment.

Games like these are very anticipated.

For instance, think of how some kids in Los Angeles got tickets on Christmas to go see their favorite player LeBron James play in action, but on the day of the game he is ruled out.

That’s crushing, and that isn’t what basketball is about.

Back in the 80s, when Larry Bird and Magic Johnson played, no one rested.

It didn’t matter what the circumstances were, or if they already clinched their playoff spot, they still played.

I’m not trying to blame the players, because the decision really comes down to the coach, but still players do have a say in whether they want to play or not.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver recently made a comment after the Cavaliers game, saying that owners need to control their teams more, and that if players continue to rest then teams could be fined.

I can see why teams want to rest their players, all that matters is the postseason, but players are paid to play not rest.

But this is not a new problem, San Antonio Head Coach Gregg Popovich is notorious for resting his players once the playoffs are around the corner.

I’m glad that this problem is being tended too, and we will see what happens with teams resting players and if the league punishes these teams, but I believe that teams will continue to rest their star players around playoff time, even though it’s wrong.