Research and Beyond

Junior Erin Smith is researching above and beyond with a privileged summer research opportunity

Junior Erin Smith has recently been accepted to a summer research program called “Research Summer Institute,” a joint research program. She will likely be mentored by a professor from MiT and Harvard during her program.

In total, she says that she spends upwards of 10-20 hours per week on her research and studies for this cause.

Erin included that she’s very interested in the creation of wearable devices like the “FitBit,” with the extra addition of putting psychological influences into her research. Erin has already got her sights set on perhaps creating something like a “FitBit for emotions.”

“Ultimately, I want to use this summer opportunity and the other opportunities I’ve had in high school and beyond […] to perpetuate my knowledge and my understanding of the world,” Smith says. “To help create tangible changes,” on a global level.

When asked about where she stems many of her unique ideas, she explains, “I usually…try to take completely unrelated topics and merge them into something technology-related.” Partly of how her “FacePrint” app came into being, was inspiration from the TV show, “Lie to Me.”

The creative and high-achieving student has received multiple awards for her efforts in the sciences, BioTech, and general research.

As for her aspirations into adulthood, Smith claims that she wants to be a social entrepreneur.

“I don’t know if what I want to be has a standard job title right now,” Smith said.

But that certainly has not stopped her potential.

Jennifer Leahy
Who knows? Perhaps after this summer, we might have the makings of entirely new technologies cleverly designed by West’s own: Erin Smith.