Unabridged Q&A With Clinton Supporter Caleb Vering

Editor-in-Chief Drake Mattis interviewed senior Hillary Clinton supporter Caleb Vering. This is the full transcript.


Drake Mattis, Editor-in-Chief

Drake Mattis: Who will you be voting for in November?

Caleb Vering: Hillary

DM: Why?

CV: Donald Trump is a fascist, Gary Johnson is a moron. Hillary has a wealth of experience and knows how to get stuff done.

DM: Oppose Trump or support Clinton?
CV: I’m definitely a Hillary supporter because I think she is a good politician, but it’s hard to see that if you don’t know the ins and outs of politics.

DM: Did you have to settle for Hillary?
I think I would’ve chosen Kasich or O’Malley if they would’ve been nominated, but I don’t think I’m just settling for Hillary. I do support her, I just think I supported the policies of Kasich or O’Malley more.

DM: Have you registered with a political party yet?

CV: Yes, I’m a registered Democrat

DM: Have you registered to vote?

CV: Yes

DM: When did you decide that you would be voting for Hillary?

CV: I was kind of up in arms between Johnson and Hillary, until Johnson had his whole Aleppo mishap and I learned about his whole anti-establishment education system. I wasn’t sure until I learned that Johnson wasn’t who I thought he was.

DM: Who do you think will be elected?

CV: Hillary, she has consistently led in the polls, and I think Trump has been too polarizing to be accepted by the general public.

DM: Do you think Hillary could be potentially re-elected in four years if she is elected this year?

CV: I think it’s possible, it depends on who would be running against her. She’s re-electable, that’s for sure.

DM: Opinions on Donald Trump?

CV: He’s a fascist. He’s not who the public thinks him to be. He has a very strong-man mentality, but his respectable track record is almost non-existent. He has bailed himself over and over again. He’s an opportunist, not a politician. He needs to stick with one solid policy stance, and he hasn’t done that. He’ll say he wants to remove Mexicans from our county one day and the next day he will talk about how much he loves them. He will start a trade war with other countries and that will start an economic disaster. He is also temperamentally unfit to be trusted with nuclear weapons. If Trump is elected, I can absolutely say that nuclear warfare could become a reality within the next four years.

DM: Opinions on Gary Johnson?

CV: Gary’s got the right idea on things, but he’s just a very weak figure politically. He has a lot of economic issues, he has a lot of good ideas, but he talks too generally about his policies and doesn’t know exactly what he’s gonna do with his policies. But he’s not the worst and he’s not the best.

DM: Opinions on Jill Stein?

CV: Jill Stein is a headass. Jill has the right idea socially, but the ideas that she puts forth economically are fundamentally impossible. Her plans to “fix” the economy would increase the level of debt exorbitantly. She’s right that college is way too expensive but her plans to fix that are impossible.

DM: So did you support Bernie over Hillary in the primary season?

CV: I did not. I think someone who knows a lot about policies will always support Hillary. But I think that people who are just significantly more liberal overall would’ve wanted Bernie to be nominated.

DM: So you think Bernie is more fundamentally liberal than Hillary?

CV: Yeah, he’s a lot more liberal. Hillary is more of a centrist, which is what I am. Bernie is just a really liberal guy.

downloadAdditional comments:

CV: I think the Republican Party will be destroyed after this year. I think it will alter off into an alt-right and it won’t be the same party that “normal” Republicans of the past are remembered for. Regardless of if Trump is elected or not this year, I think the Republican Party is going to split in two, I think it’s inevitable.

CV: While I think Hillary is the best choice to be elected president, I do think that Bernie should have been nominated by the Democratic Party. Hillary is having a horrendous time getting out the youth vote, and I think if Bernie were nominated, he would’ve had a landslide victory. Almost up there with Reagan over Mondale in 1984. The only reason you could hate Bernie was because of some of his economic policies. That was the only issue I had with Bernie. But I think I could’ve grown to accept them.

CV: If you have the opportunity to vote, you should do it. It is your civic duty to vote, even if you don’t live in a swing state. Also keep in mind that Trump is a fascist who wants to withdraw from NATO and launch nuclear weapons.