Blue Eagle Program

Tricia Byram

So some people may not know this but their is a Blue Eagle Program. According to Ed Morrison a Blue Eagle program teacher “The best thing about the Blue eagle program is that it provides an opportunity for the students to learn from an individual who has spent their entire carer doing on the streets.   This Fire Fighting side is one which allows a hands on approach to learning.   We teach the skills which we use every day.” While Morrison is a new teacher (which is featured in the Epic) I was in his class to ask questions and what I saw while there was very interesting. He had Principal Steve Loe come into class. Mr. Loe was asked to sit at a desk. Prior to that Mr. Morrison had his students figure out how to take a finger off of someone’s finger if it gets stuck. They used things like floss and soap.

After Mr. Loe was asked to sit down they asked him to put a glove on his hand and then he put on a ring.  Morrison had three students come to the desk. They said that they were going to cut the ring off of Mr. Loe’s finger. One student had the tool, the tool they used was a two speed rotary tool. Another one held Mr. Loe’s hand down. And the third one had a spoon and a knife. They then put the knife under the ring so the tip was facing his arm and the they put a spoon on the tip of the knife so it the tool slipped it would cut his hand and the spoon was in the way of the tool. It took awhile to cut the ring off and when it was finished being cut the ring where it cut in half was fire red. Mr. Loe said that after the ring cutting that he was confident, there were good instructions, wonderful class and it is a real life opportunity

Not long after Mr. Loe had taken off the glove, his wedding ring was stuck on his finger. Before he put on the glove he had to move his wedding ring to the other hand, and therefore it got stuck. So the students put soap above the ring and they slowly slipped the ring off.

So if you are looking to be in the class I advise you that you are making a good choice. It does in fact give you real life experience for many more things then if someone has a ring stuck on their finger. So do not be afraid to take this class, and after reading this story you may be like was that actually cool? Yes it was very cool to see that first hand.