Campaigning Distraction

Caleb Walker

The GOP general campaign is in full form.  Miscellaneous primaries and caucuses are sprinkled around the nation as the weeks press on.  The biggest focus of the campaign season, aside from the Bernie-Hillary competition, is the mess of the field of GOP candidates.  What started as a pack of 17 potentials has whittled down to four hopefuls; Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich.  Minimal political knowledge is required to be aware of the fact that frontrunner Donald Trump is taking the world of politics by storm.  Although I respect the man for building a much larger political following than ever predicted, I am fed up with the distraction he brings.

Primary campaigning season is to be utilized for the American public to vet potential candidates so that the most educated voting choices may be made.  Televised debates are vital for potentials to proclaim their takes and views on issues and policies.  During this election cycle, debates have turned into a circus.  Trump acts as the ringleader, taking debates off the tracks and down a road that leads to personal attacks ranging from wavering policy stances to the size of candidates’ hands.  This lack of composure and immaturity on a national stage is downright repulsive.

Debates have turned into reality television for too many voters.  Back and forth arguments have lead to countless internet memes, making the GOP field of candidates the latest laughing-stock of the nation.

As an undecided and new time voter, I think I speak for everyone when I say it would be very appreciated if Trump could take this seriously.  Systematically approaching debates to entice other candidates to play his childish game, Trump is ruining this election season.

I view Trump’s campaign as a joke taken too far.  It’s one of those jokes you prep for a night out and leave the audience giggling.  But instead of leaving the joke to rest and being satisfied with the initial laughs, you decide to ride the social-adrenaline wave and continue the joke far past its necessity.  You are then left with a crowd of confused faces, only asking, “why?”  Trump’s presidential campaign is that joke.  He is not a serious presidential contender with any sort of qualifications that give him the right to man the oval.

What Trump has also ignorantly proclaimed is that he will run as a third party candidate if he does not win the Republican primary election.  This alone makes me question his sanity.  If his true virtue is to ensure that the White House is not occupied by anyone other than an elephant, he would understand that splitting the Republican popular vote does all but punch a ticket to the White House for Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.

So Donald, I would love if you would either take this race seriously and allow policy and issue debate to take up the entirety of the televised debates or stop speaking words all together.  Either would be a lot better than what you’re doing now.  So listen here, Trump, figure it out.