Meet the Newest State Champ

A Q&A with Senior Jose Montoya.


Kristin Wells

Kristin Wells: How did it feel when you won? What thoughts went through your head?

Jose Montoya: At first they declared Noah, my opponent, the winner but later on the refs discussed and it went to overtime. I felt as if all pressure on me was lifted.

KW: What was the journey to the finals like?

JM: Pretty chill and boring but my teammates kept me company.

KW: What other West wrestlers qualified for state?

JM: Blake Brittany, Jamie Larsen, Jared Green, Ramon Porres, Victor Cuevas.

KW: Were they all watching your final match?

JM: Every match I wrestle they support extremely well.

KW: Can you describe your final match?

JM: Gassed out of my mind and rough dude to wrestle as well.

KW: How many matches did you compete in this weekend?

JM: 4 matches- 2 pins and 2 major decisions.

KW: Can you explain how the state tournament works?

JM: Two day tournament, win advance, lose then wrestle backside. Lose twice on Friday, they you’re done, win 2 then head to the semifinals and you automatically place. Saturday does all backside wrestling and if you don’t advance to the consolation semis then you don’t place. You don’t place, wrestlers call it the heartbreak round, then after that is finals.

KW: What was your favorite memory from state?

JM: Honestly just the whole experience was my favorite memory.

KW: What match was your most difficult?

JM: Last one due to the fact that most of the wrestlers have had previous experience at younger ages and plus better programs.

KW: What weight class do you wrestle in?

JM: 195

KW: How does it feel to finish off your senior season as a state champion?

JM: So awesome because it’s not my main sport and I can call myself the best in Kansas 6A.

KW: How long have you been thinking about competing at state? Has it been your goal all season?

JM: Winning state was the goal as soon as football ended.