New Club on the Block

Q&A with Andy Hui, the founder of the new ping pong club.

Max Meyer

Max Meyer: When did you first have the idea for the ping pong club?

Andy Hui: I’ve had the idea since seventh grade when my sister told me about Shawnee Mission East’s ping pong club.


MM: Why did you want to start the club?

AH: I wanted to start the club because I used to and still am passionate about ping ping.


MM: What was the process for getting the club started?

AH: The process of getting the club started was fairly easy. I talked to Mr. (Steve) Loe about it and he was pretty chill about it. I also had to go to Westridge to get the ping pong tables from Westridge to West.


MM: Are you considered the president of the club?

AH: I guess I’d be considered the president of the club.


MM: How has interest been in the club?

AH: Lots of people are interested in playing in the ping pong club. You don’t have to be good to come to the club.


MM: How often do you plan on playing?

AH: I plan on playing just a few more times this year, unless people are willing to do it in the mornings. The biggest event this year will be the school ping pong tournament that FMP is sponsoring.


MM: What will meetings look like? Solely playing or other things?

AH: Meetings will just be playing with each other, and occasionally my ROBO PONG ping pong machine. Also, it will be fun meeting new faces and hanging with Mrs. (Kelly) Kaczmarcyk.


MM: When did you first begin playing ping pong?

AH: I started training for ping pong in seventh grade. However, I had to choose other activities over ping pong. I quit playing in 10th grade, but I still play occasionally.


MM: How many people do you hope to have join the club?

AH: I’m hoping that we have a good amount of people show out for the rest of the year, but due to spring sports that may be an issue. This year will give a good idea of what next year will look like.


MM: Do any other schools in the area have ping pong clubs?

AH: Others schools like South, East, St. James, Blue Valley North, Blue Valley West and Blue Valley Northwest all have ping pong clubs. The Blue Valley schools play each other and the Shawnee Mission schools don’t. I have been in contact with some schools and hopefully we can get one match with East by the end of the year. Next year, we look to play all of the schools and dominate Kansas.


MM: Why do you think people should join the club?

AH: I think people should join the club because it gives people something to do after school that is active, competitive and fun.