David Bowie (1947-2016)


Logan Peterson

David Bowie passed away on January 10th, 2016 after an 18-month battle with cancer. Bowie was an icon of classic rock and modern pop, transcending music, genre, and everything in between. He will be sorely missed. Here is a definitive ranking of his greatest songs.

15) Ziggy Stardust: An eclectic pop anthem featuring one of the Bowie’s many on-stage personalities. “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust” is arguably his best album, covering a wide array of social issues including drugs, politics, and sexual orientation.

14) Lazarus: His most recent song is a haunting tale of despair, and almost feels like a melancholy farewell to his fans.

13) The Man Who Sold the World: The famous guitar riff topped off with Bowie’s subtle purr was made famous by Kurt Cobain, but only the original can really do it justice.

12) Let’s Dance: Pure, unadulterated fun. The meaning is in the title; a song to dance to and have a good time with.

11) The Jean Genie: A great rock song about a beautiful girl, who just looked great in jeans.

10) Starman: Bowie was famous for his science-related ballads, and this one is a good companion piece to his masterpiece, “Space Oddity.”

9) Under Pressure: Created with the rock band Queen, this song features one of the most famous guitar riffs ever, and can pick up any one who’s down.

8) Rebel Rebel: This is a pouty-lipped rock song with attitude, reminiscent of British neo-punk rock.

7) All the Young Dudes: A gorgeous song about youthful rebellion, and a classic slow ballad.

6) Changes: This is a wonderfully upbeat song filled with all kinds of Bowie nuances that make you want to crank the volume up and roll down your windows any time it plays.

5) Young Americans: Topped off with wonderful piano riffs, Bowie’s attempt at modern soul makes for a crooning good time.

4) Life On Mars: Bowie uses the most of his vocal ability here with the help of a chilling orchestral background and enigmatic lyrics.

3) Heroes: Bowie always had a way of appealing to the younger generations. Here, he speaks directly to them with this anthem, reassuring all the young kids that everything’s going to be alright.

2) Fame: One of Bowie’s most socially conscious ballads, “Fame” is a story of excess, addiction, and living the life of celebrity.

1) Space Oddity: This is a chill-inducing masterpiece. A ballad of epic proportions with incredible harmonies, synthesizers, and acoustic guitars. This is not only Bowie’s greatest triumph, but one of the greatest songs of all time.