Top 5 Things to Help with Finals

Annie Rinne

      Every year it seems that there are a million articles about how to study for finals, how to get the best grade and how to not be a nervous mess. As a freshman, I was at a loss at how to even begin to study for all my classes but by the time senior year comes around, every student has their own unique routines and techniques. In all honesty I can say that there are about five basic techniques that are implemented by every student and can be extremely helpful:


  1. It’s never too early- Beginning to go over all your old tests a few weeks early might seem silly but it is truthfully the best way to keep the information in your head the longest. If you are able to get a jump start on studying the week before finals will be less stressful and you will be a lot more confident walking into the test.
  2. Give yourself a break- Studying 24/7 can only hurt you. Overloading your brain with that much information at one time can be overwhelming and might result in your brain wanting to forget most of the information. Taking breaks for food and sleep can make a world of difference in the amount of information you are able to retain.
  3. Use your teachers!- Just about every single teacher gives you the opportunity to study during class. This is the best time to study because if you have any questions you are able to ask the person who created the final instead of relying on the internet or a friend.
  4. Don’t stay up all night- This will only heighten your anxiety and chances are you will not retain a single detail that you studied so the point is moot. Sleeping for at least 7 hours allows your brain to rest and your attention span while taking the test will be strengthened which is must needed.
  5. Freaking out doesn’t help- There is absolutely no reason you have to freak out. You have been in this class all year and the information has been given to you and you have already been tested over it. The hype over finals is way too intense. Take a breath, step back, and do your best!