Nordic Nasties

Rules to follow in the student section


Nordic Nasties cheer on West’s football team. Photo by Faith Duensing.

Annie Rinne

The Nordic Nasties is the name of our student section that attends most sports games. Shawnee Mission West has the one of the best student sections in the area. We do our best to show our school spirit anytime we can. However, there are many unspoken traditions when it comes to our student section. The Nordic Nasties encourage students to attend games and cheer on our classmates as they face other schools.

There are a few simple rules that apply to everyone in the student section:

  1. Obey seniority. All the seniors sit in the front then juniors sit behind them and so on. It’s not fair to sit farther up than your class because the upper-classmen have waited their turn to sit in the front.
  2. Cheer! If you’re a freshman, I know it can seem a little weird to yell the chants at the top of your lungs but it sounds really cool to the other spectators, it intimidates the other team, and it motivates our team to play their best.
  3. Be a good sport. This means don’t yell mean things to the other team. It’s not nice and it makes our school look bad. The Nordic Nasties exist to motivate our team, not to put down the opposing team.
  4. Dress to the themes. Almost every game has a theme, chosen by our beloved senior Nasties. Themes are fun and if the theme is a black out/white out (wear all of the color) it looks awesome from the other side. You don’t want to be the person who is wearing gold to a white out. You can find out the themes by following the Nordic Nasties on Twitter or just by asking a friend at school that day.
  5. Have fun! Being a part of the Nordic Nasties is a great way to spend your evening with your friends while cheering on your classmates.

All sports schedules can be found on the Shawnee Mission West official website. You can also follow the Nordic Nasties on twitter as: @NordicNasties .