Back to School 2015-2016

Ethan Brewer, Writer

Photo illustration by Juliane Francia
Photo illustration by Juliane Francia

Waking up at 5:30 A.M., having to drag yourself out of bed and try to stay awake in first block, seeing new faces, getting new teachers and a new title: it’s high school.

Upperclassmen, some of us dread coming back to school and having to deal with all the people at 7 in the morning. Some of us are fed up with summer, and we need something to occupy your life other than laying in bed all day long.

Some of us are freshman and don’t know much about high school.

Wait… FRESHMAN! Welcome to the first time you will be treated as an adult. Westridge is no more. It’s Shawnee Mission West from here on out. It’s a new time, it’s a new school, it’s a new you.

Most of you don’t know what to expect from high school, but ask anyone and they will tell you it is the greatest experience they have ever had. Teachers don’t write you up for looking at your phone in the halls, they let you chew gum, and most of all, they expect you to do your work. The teachers won’t baby you anymore. This is the real deal. The teachers you have won’t remind you to turn in the homework; it’s your job to know to turn it in.

Also, don’t mess around. It’s high school; don’t give the wrong impression to the teachers and, most of all, the other students. Pick the right friends because they will drag you down wherever they go. Even if the kids aren’t actually bad, you might get classified as “a bad kid”. All we are asking you is to at least try.

Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, it’s school. We all went through it once or twice, maybe three times. We know the rules. We just want the teachers to stop reading the handbook and give us the tests. The front doors, as we all noticed, are being re-done, and it is terrible. I don’t know why they didn’t finish it before school started because it makes everything so much harder to do. Getting out of school is delayed because of the one door in the front for 2,000 students its ridiculous. Why can’t we just stop all the handbooks and construction and get back to how school really is? We know everything you’re saying, teachers. We know not to talk to a random stranger on Facebook; we are old enough not to do that. Let’s just get back to school already! We’ve got it!