SMW Theatre Presents: Get Smart


Rian Stallbaumer, Photographer, Writer


I asked senior Katherine Riedel about the spring play, Get Smart. This is Katherine’s last show here at West.

R: How long have you been involved in theatre at West?

K: I’ve been doing theatre since my freshman year, and it’s so weird to know that this is my last show at West. Including rep shows, it’s my seventeenth show. Every show is so different.

R: How are spring shows different from all the other shows throughout the year?

K: Usually the spring shows are very small cast (I’ve been in casts of 9, 11, and 13 students for spring show) but this show has about 35 students in it. For the spring show we have a senior bow at the end of the show, and that’s going to be really bitter sweet. I really love the theatre program here and I would be completely different without it.

R: What has been different about Get Smart, the spring show this spring?

K: This show has been an interesting experience because for the first time I took on the role as head costume mistress, so I pulled every single costume for this show. It’s been really fun but it was also super difficult to figure out 35 different costumes that looked like they were from the 60s. But it’s so rewarding to watch the show and see everyone wearing the costumes I picked out!

Also, because it’s my last show, it’s also my last time doing my pre-show traditions, which makes me feel a little sad, too.

R: What are your show traditions?

K: Before every show everyone goes to green room and we do a focus circle, which is one of those things that doesn’t make sense unless you see it in action. I also have a pre-show tradition I do that has been passed down from girl to girl since 2009/2010 or so. Last year I did it with Trenna Keltner, and this year I passed it down to Carly Pennock. At the end of this week, Carly and I get to pass it down to two junior girls. The last tradition is the senior tradition. The senior tradition is a secret that you don’t get to learn until the last night of the spring show your junior year, which means that at the end of this show we’ll be teaching all the seniors our senior tradition.

R: How do you feel about being in your very last show at West?

K: I don’t know if it’s quite hit me yet though that this is the end. I don’t think it will until closing night. All in all, even though I am really ready to graduate, my last show at West is going to be a bittersweet one. But I’m so thankful I’ve had the opportunity to do so many shows here at West and for all the experiences I’ve had because of theatre.

Shawnee Mission West thespians will be performing Get Smart April 30th-May 2nd at 7 pm in the Shawnee Mission West Auditorium. Tickets are $7 or free with a student ID.