Blue Star Nominations

Kaylyn Olson

Modeled after Broadways Tony’s Awards, Blue Star awards from Starlight Theatre are presented to high school theatre based on their school productions. They are supported in part by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City.  These awards recognize achievement and excellence in school musicals across Kansas. The awards will be presented on May 21st at Starlight Theatre.

This year, there are 48 participating schools and about 5,000 students up for nominations for these awards. Throughout the year, judges attend the participating school’s musical productions and they provide critiques for Starlight’s Education Department. The nomination committee has spent at least 45 hours going through the nominations.

“Getting any nomination in Blue Star is just outstanding and it just shows the quality of the productions here at West” Senior Katherine Riedel said.

This organization nominates only six Outstanding Overall Production nominees and Shawnee Mission West Theatre is nominated for the production of Frog and Toad. The cast will be able to perform an act from Frog and Toad at the awards ceremony.

“Freshman year, Throughly Modern Millie got nominated for this award so it’s kind of special for us seniors to be nominated for the same award senior year” Riedel said.

This year, A Year with Frog and Toad is nominated for six different awards:

  • Outstanding Overall Production
  • Outstanding Actress in a Supporting Role- Emma Ferrin as Snail
  • Outstanding Female Ensemble Member- Brianna Thomas as Lady Bird Mid
  • Outstanding Orchestra
  • Outstanding Lighting Design
  • Outstanding Technical Crew- Lighting Crew