A Baseball Act of Kindness


Hannah Miller

The SMW baseball C team really displayed what West is all about. They had a game against Washington, and noticed something very different from the beginning, they didn’t wear hats. At first, the team and coaches thought maybe they just didn’t wear them for warm-up, but no, they didn’t have hats. The coaches understood that because of their economic and geographical location. Coach, Todd Klamm, taught there for 2 years, so he knew the struggle with that.

After the game, some parents from our school approached the coach, asking if they could raise money in order to help out Washington. Klamm said, “it was such a cool thing to see all the parents come together.” Then, Coach Klamm sent out an email to all the parents asking if they would like to donate to help out the cause. He called the Washington coach to let him know what was happening, and the other coach couldn’t even express in words how thankful he was.

In the end, they gave the school 2 dozen hats, 11 dozen baseballs, 4 gloves, 4 pairs of cleats, 2 bags, 1 bat, a set of gloves, and 363 dollars more. The players from our school thought it was a cool thing to do and were very eager to help. The Washington players were beyond thrilled and grateful.

“The staff, parents, and kids here just show even more that west is best. The community and everything we do expresses that. Its example after example of what west is.” exclaims Coach Klamm.