Spring Has Sprung

Hannah Miller

Spring: a time of thunderstorms, AP testing, finals, warm weather, and much more. When you think of spring, what is your first thought? Winter drags on too long and fall is short and simple, but spring, spring is different. Spring lasts the perfect amount of time, from March to May. The warm weather is a refreshing start to the end of the school year.

In the spring, trees are growing, flowers are blooming, and birds’ eggs are hatching. The eggs hatch and drop right on onto our plate. By eggs, I mean homework and studying, and by plate, I mean workload. ┬áThe months of spring here at West contain a very hard academic schedule. AP testing begins in May, finals end out the year, and there are many tests worked in through out there. One SMW student claims, “It seems like we do nothing all year till spring comes around, and then bang everything all at once”.

On a more personal level, spring comes with many responsibilities. For instance, girls actually have to shave their legs, the lawn needs to be mowed, flowers need to be watered, and water needs to be constantly drunk since you sweat it all off from the humidity.

Another first thought of spring is hearing the crack of the bat down at the K. The Royals hit off their season in the spring, making it a great start. In addition, Shawnee Mission Park is a great getaway from the rushing world, you can cruise through the park with windows down or even chill lakeside, enjoying the fresh crisp spring air.

Have a great spring and good luck my fellow Vikings.